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Bring Home the Bridgerton Blues

Written by Warren Clark


Posted on January 10 2021

So glad to know we weren't the only ones who spent the week between Christmas and New Year's Day binging Netflix's sumptuous new period piece, Bridgerton. According to the streaming service, its adaptation of Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels has been sampled by more than 63 million households (as of 1/4/21). Which means 63 million households were dazzled by the show's eye-popping production design and distinct color palette. According to Meghan Overdeep at Southern Living, production designers went so far as to assign each family featured in the series their own color palette . . . including the title family's signature blue which is represented not only in their clothing, but also inside their lavish wisteria-covered residence.

The Bridgerton Family Sitting Room - Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix

(The Bridgerton Family Sitting Room - Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix)

While these opulent Regency style furnishings are beautiful to behold, they aren't exactly practical for today's modern homes. But that doesn't mean you still can't add a dash of the signature Bridgeton style and hue to your space. Here are just a few of our favorite pieces from Watson Loft that will leave you feeling the "blues" . . . in a good way! 

Timeless and inviting in lush sea blue velvet, the lavish channel tufted Daphne Sofa is the piece you've been searching for.

Timeless and inviting in lush sea blue velvet, the lavish channel tufted Daphne Sofa is the piece you've been searching for. 

Lafayette Velvet Dining Chair

Whether used in multiples for dining or singly at your desk, our Lafayette Velvet Dining Chair is the epitome of elegance. Four saber-shaped weathered wood legs develop a sculptured silhouette, while the shield back with button tufting displays hints of opulence. 

Silas Distressed Vintage Turkish Area Rug

Make a sophisticated statement with our Silas Distressed Vintage Turkish Area Rug. Patterned with an ornate update of a classic design, Silas is a durable machine-woven polypropylene and soft velvety chenille yarn blend rug that offers wide-ranging support.

Colin jumbo ottoman

The supremely soft velvet and endlessly deep tufting of our Colin jumbo ottoman will take center stage in any room. The deep button tufts and solid wood frame present style and comfort that everyone will enjoy.

Dress your room with this unique take on the classic chandelier. Crafted of iron and with natural wrapped details and cascading rows of ombre beads, the Perle chandelier is sure to add elements of texture and Bohemian style to your space. 

Olivia Tufted Velvet Wingback Bed

Ok, ok. We know this particular hue of blue is darker than the Bridgerton family's traditional Wedgewood Blue, but is there anything more opulent and luxurious than a tufted blue velvet wingback bed?! For those reasons alone, we couldn't leave our Olivia Tufted Velvet Wingback Bed off of this list.